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CulinHome: The Kitchen's Canvas
CulinHome's Mission on Sustainable Products

CulinHome is committed to creating the best and most ecologically responsible products we can. We offer our customers affordable, highly functional and beautiful design while working towards sustainability.

  • Our products are made to last. Excellent quality and construction of our products encourages users to keep our products, and hopefully pass them on for generations. We discourage disposable kitchen implements.

  • Our products are made from non-toxic food safe materials such as, polypropylene plastic, stainless steel and farmed beech wood.

  • Our new packaging is primarily made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Recycling opportunities for PET are probably the highest of any plastic. It?s the same plastic soda bottles are made from. Reused as reclaimed resin it is in everything from polar fleece jackets to boat parts.

  • Whenever possible, our packaging (such as used in the Knife Frame box) use recycled paperboard. Paperboard uses little energy to create and has the potential of being 100 percent post-consumer waste while continuing to be recyclable.

  • We have implemented clear labeling for proper waste stream package recycling.

  • We use as little packaging as possible while still protecting product and consumer alike.

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